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About LipoSkill Plus

Body shaping for natural appearance and feeling

LIPOSKILL PLUS allows to perform natural body shaping treatments, without artificial implants, exploiting Adipose-Derived Stem Cells (ADSCs) properties.

Many people prefer the use of their stem cells rather than to introduce foreign material in their body. This option reduce infection and other complication risk. The procedure involves the collection of a fat sample from which stem cells are extracted. These stem cells are then utilized to reshape body volumes.


LIPOSKILL PLUS is the new frontier in Regenerative Medicine: a natural method that does not rely on injecting any artificial component into the skin, allowing body shaping by means of your stem cells.

LIPOSKILL PLUS comes with a dual aesthetic advantage as you can reduce fat volume in a specific area (e.g. abdomen or thigh) and, at the same time, increase the volume in a different area of the body (e.g. breast or buttocks). You can also use it to correct asymmetries or damages caused by previous plastic surgeries or trauma.

In addition, the procedure is performed in conditions of sedation and local anesthesia, whereas permanent implants usually require surgery in general anesthetic conditions, associated with other medical and intraoperative risks. LIPOSKILL PLUS excludes these complications.


LIPOSKILL PLUS treatment is recommended for all women who want to increase the volume of soft tissues as breast or buttock.

The stem cells treatment also plays an important role in the correction of breast asymmetries (even if significant) or other body imperfections.


Natural-looking and feeling result thanks to the use of your body cells

Soft tissue shaping with LIPOSKILL PLUS feels completely natural to the eye and touch. Shaped tissue will have the same kind of softness as its natural counterpart, resulting far more appealing than artificial implants. In the case of breast augmentation, treatment will typically produce an increase of one or two cup sizes.

Note: the effectiveness of the treatment is subject to genetics, skin conditions, age and lifestyle factors. For these reasons it will vary from individual to individual.

What to expect?

  • Natural result (to the eye and touch): cells naturally integrates into the tissue
  • No need for hospitalization
  • Possibility of treatment repetition to further increase breast or buttock volume


LIPOSKILL PLUS is based on the injection of mesenchymal stem cells obtained from your adipose tissue (ADSCs). The procedure is rapid and painless.

20cc of fat are collected in a simple outpatient procedure (fast and painless).

Extraction and Expansion
Stem cells are extracted from collected fat at Bioscience Institute’s laboratories.
Stem cells are expanded in about 2 weeks, producing about 20 cell vials. Part of these cells will be used in the desired treatment (or in multiple treatments).

Expanded cells are injected in the treatment area. Here, they release specific growth factors and promote tissue regeneration.

At the customer’s request it is possible to cryopreserve unused vials for 3 years. Cryopreservation warrants the possibility of utilizing expanded cells in new and future Regenerative Medicine treatments.

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