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LISPOSKILL is an innovative and non-invasive technique based on the use of your stem cells in skin tissue repair, body shaping, regenerative medicine and orthopedics, and to against hair loss.

LIPOSKILL can be used in any part of the body. It provides tissues with new active cells that activate a dynamic regeneration response at the cellular level. The introduction of millions of powerful new cells allows to regain loss volume, to increase natural volume, and to shape face and body contour with natural, youthful-looking results. Moreover, it allows tissue self-healing without artificial devices and to reinforce the hair before surgery becomes the only option.

Who can perform LIPOSKILL?

LIPOSKILL treatment is recommended for all women and men requiring rejuvenation treatments or  tissue reconstruction. Today, LIPOSKILL can be used in several fields, including wrinkle filling, anti-aging treatments, scar and stretch mark reduction, female rejuvenation.

LIPOSKILL is recommended also for soft tissue (breast, buttock) augmentation. This technique allows a dual aesthetic advantage, reducing fat deposits where adipose tissue is collected (e.g. abdomen or thigh). It can be utilized also to correct asymmetries or damages caused by previous surgery or injuries.

Finally, LIPOSKILL is more and more utilized in the field of Regenerative Orthopedics (bone and cartilage degeneration treatment) and in hair loss treatments (when it is particularly indicated for young people, before indication for surgical treatment).

Why should I prefer LIPOSKILL over classical treatments such as Botox or implants?

Treatments such as Botox can reduce wrinkles, but they cannot return youth to your skin. Botox smooths out your wrinkles, but still leave you with “old-looking” skin, so we recommended LIPOSKILL even before a Botox treatment.

With LIPOSKILL wrinkles and volumes are filled exclusively with your cells and not with foreign, artificial components such as Botox or implants (the use of which is associated with health risk). In the case of face treatments, the procedure restores the youthful contour and shape performing a dual action: increasing the volume, and renewing the skin. Moreover, there is a dual aesthetic advantage, as you can reduce fat in the area from which it is collected (e.g. abdomen or thigh).

Where can I perform a LIPOSKILL treatment?

Our Regenerative Medicine Centers are based in San Marino (Europe) and Dubai (Middle East). All the procedures of cell isolation and expansion are carried out at Bioscience Institute’s laboratories. The development of the laboratories in Dubai Helathcare City (DHCC) made full use of the eight years of experience that Bioscience Institute already had in Europe. Bioscience Institute’s laboratories are considered among the most advanced in the World. Today Bioscience Clinic Middle East is the first Regenerative Medicine Clinic in the Middle East, where it offers the most advanced personalized autologous cell therapies.

Bioscience Clinic includes a cell bank, a cell factory and a clinic dedicated to cell banking, culture and stem cell-based treatments.

Is LIPOSKILL invasive? What results can I expect?

LIPOSKILL increases stem cells, growth factors, and collagen to reverse the effects of skin aging.

The procedure is very simple and non-invasive. It requires a very small amount of fat tissue (20 cc only). Once isolated, adipose tissue stem cells are expanded for about 2 weeks and then directly injected into the treatment area. Expanded stem cells can be utilized in multiple treatments and cryopreserved for future purposes.

To achieve the best possibile results LIPOSKILL face treatments can be associated with the use of ONLYOURS tailor-made cosmetics. From an idea by Bioscience Institute’s laboratories, ONLYOURS cosmetics feed your skin with factors produced by your stem cells.

Improvements are fast, natural, and long lasting. In the case of skin treatments it has been demonstrated that the results are stable after 4 years. It is better to start LIPOSKILL treatment as soon as possible, without waiting for skin aging process beginning.

What are current LIPOSKILL applications?

LIPOSKILL technology, based on the use of your adipose-derived stem cells, has applications in several fields, including:

  • skin aging, wrinkle and face shaping
  • body shaping (breast or buttock augmentation or shaping)
  • cartilage and bone regeneration (mild and moderate osteoarhritis of ankle, knee, hip and spine, and other degenerative bones diseases)
  • female rejuvenation (dryness, flaccidity, and atrophy)
  • hair loss