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is an innovative, non-invasive treatment based on the use of autologous stem cells for tissue repair and body shaping.

An innovative and non-invasive treatment

Many people prefer to increase the volume of their breasts and buttocks and reshape their body using their own fat tissue rather than synthetic implants. This choice is dictated by the desire to avoid risks and discomfort associated to surgery and to the use of implants (that in some cases are contraindicated), and to the desire to achieve natural results using a physical component intended to confer volume and shape: body fat.

Unlike artificial implants, Adipose-Derived Stem Cells (ADSCs) utilized in body shaping  provide greater flexibility for a customized treatment that allows any further correction (such as asymmetries).

LIPOSKILL can be used in any area of the body for a number of treatments, including filling both fine and deep lines, as well as wrinkles. Following LIPOSKILL, new active cells start working, causing a dynamic regeneration response at the cellular level while filling the wrinkles caused by aging.

The introduction of millions of powerful new cells into the skin allows the replacement of lost volume with natural, youthful-looking results.

Our Regenerative Medicine Centers

Bioscience Institute’s Regenerative Medicine Centers, based in San Marino (Europe) and Dubai (Middle East), offer an unique and exclusive therapy. All the procedures of cell isolation and expansion are carried out at Bioscience Institute’s laboratories.

These laboratories are considered among the most advanced in the world. The development of Dubai facilities made full use of the eight years of experience that Bioscience Institute already had in Europe.

If you want to check the quality of Bioscience Institute’s laboratories you can visit the website and evaluate in real time the standards of environmental and instrumental operating procedures by observing our work via webcam.