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The best treatment for your cells with your cells

Who is LIPOSKILL for?

LIPOSKILL can be used in a series of regenerative aesthetic treatments aimed at tissue rejuvenation: anti-agin treatments, wrinkle filling, scars and stretch marks reduction, female rejuvenation.

After LIPOSKILL treatment, new active cells promote a dynamic regeneration response at the cellular level. The injection of millions of new, powerful cells allows to fill age-associated wrinkles and to restore the lost volume with natural results and youth appearance.

Bioscience Institute uses Adipose-Derived Stem Cells (ADSCs) extracted from your own fat tissue by liposuction. The use is exclusively autologous, so each person is using only his own cells, even more than once.

Today stem cell treatment is considered the most safe way to avoid rejection or other complications that can be associated with the injection of foreign substances or materials.

The regenerative properties and the natural quality of the results obtained using your own cells is incomparable. Moreover, this strategy avoid the risk of rejection associated with the use of stem cells from a donor.

The LIPOSKILL treatment is particularly recommended also for all the women who want to increase the volume of soft tissues (breast or buttock). This increase is associated with the reduction of fat deposits in the body districts from which fat is lipoaspirated (e.g. abdomen or thigh).

Finally, LIPOSKILL technology can be applied also in other fields, such as regenerative orthopedics (bone and cartilage degeneration treatment) and hair loss treatments.