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LIPOSKILL technology: ADSCs applications in Regenerative Medicine

The regenerative capacity of Adipose-Derived Stem Cells (ADSCs)

Given its accessibility, abundance, and less painful collection procedure, adipose tissue is considered the best among available stem cell sources. That is why Adipose-Derived Stem Cells (ADSCs) use is everyday more common. What is more, ADSCs can be maintained and expanded in culture for long time without losing their differentiation capacity, and cryopreserved for future use by their owner.

Many reports showed the optimal efficacy and efficiency of ADSCs-based cell therapy products in different clinical settings for both autologous (by their owner) and allogeneic (by a recipient different form their owner) use. For this reason ADSCs have started to be considered potential tools for replacing, repairing, and regenerating dead or damaged cells.(1)

Adipose tissue stem cells in Regenerative Medicine

Adipose tissue adult stem cells can be collected through surgery and direct excision, trunk or extremities liposuction, as well as the Coleman technique for fat tissue transplantation and remodelling. This technique has shown a higher yield of viable adipocytes than conventional liposuction.

In liposuction, the unwanted fat accumulated in a specific area of the body is removed by aspiration. This material is then injected in the areas where an increase of volume or a cosmetic improvement are desired. The so-called stromal vascular fraction (SVF) that can be obtained by washing, enzymatic digestion, and centrifugation of the the lipoaspirated material, including preadipocytes, fibroblasts, adult mesenchymal stem cells, monocytes, macrophages, lymphocytes, as well as pericytes related to angiogenesis. Isolation of ADSCs is carried out from this mixed cells.(2)

Bioscience Institue's Regenerative Medicine protocol: LIPOSKILL

Bioscience Institute developed an advanced Regenerative Medicine protocol, LIPOSKILL, a natural method that exploits ADSCs regenerative properties. LIPOSKILL action is based on the increase of collagen naturally producing cells and of growth factors useful to reverse skin aging effects. Today, the brand LIPOSKILL includes a number of applications for: skin aging, scars and wrinkle treatments, face shaping, body shaping (breast and buttock augmentation), hair loss, and cartilage and bone regeneration.

Bioscience Institute uses only adipose-derived stem cells extracted from the fat of the individual that will undergo the Regenerative Medicine treatment. The use is exclusively autologous, so each person will use only his own cells. In fact, as we know the body can unpredictably react to any treatment performed with foreign products; the only way to avoid this, is to use the body’s own cells. The natural quality of the results obtained using autologous cells is incomparable.

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