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About OnlYours

Tailor-made cosmetics which boost
collagen and elastin production

ONLYOURS is a customized cosmetic line made from the most powerful components secreted by your Adipose-Derived Stem Cells (ADSCs): your skin regenerative healing factors.

ONLYOURS cosmetics boost the production of collagen and elastin, the natural components responsible for skin tone and elasticity. By stimulating your skin natural healing abilities, this natural and unique treatment helps effectively strengthen skin extracellular matrix, repairing visible signs of aging.


ONLYOURS is the only cosmetic line allowing skin rejuvenation by means of the growth factors produced by you stem cells. Among its advantages are:

  • treatment customization with your genetic code
  • a 100% natural process
  • the absence of foreign materials

Researchers have been trying for years to synthesize molecules to stimulate natural skin healing capability. In healthy, young skin growth factors, cytokines and matrix proteins synergistically interact to regenerate and to repair damaged tissues. Bioscience Institute team utilized its skills in ADSC isolation and expansion to exploit the potential of such molecules.


ONLYOURS products are recommended for all people who want to rejuvenate of their face, neck or décolleté skin.

Your ADSCs produce a unique mix of cytokines, growth factors, and matrix proteins that Bioscience Institute’s laboratories can utilize to produce 4 different customized products:

  • Wrinkle Serum with GF-EX
  • Moisturizing Cream with GF-EX
  • Vaccine Texture with GF-EX
  • Anti-Pigmentation with GF-EX


Effective skin extracellular matrix strengthening and visible aging signs repair

The unique and innovative treatment with ONLYOURS products helps reinforce skin extracellular matrix. This is how it promotes the repair of visible aging signs (wrinkles and fine lines), hyperpigmentation reduction, and protection from oxidative stress damage.

Note: the effectiveness of the treatment is subject to genetics, skin condition, age and lifestyle factors. For these reasons it will vary from individual to individual.

What to expect?

  • Fresh, youthful skin appearance
  • Toned and supple skin texture
  • Smoking and sun-related damages repair
  • Removal of fine wrinkles


ONLYOURS cosmetics production is based on the addition of  growth factors and proteins from your ADSCs to clinically texted ingredients.

The procedure (rapid and painless) requires the collection of a small quantity of your fat (20-30 cc) in a simple outpatient procedure. The sample is sent to Bioscience Institute’s cell factory in San Marino (Europe) or Dubai (Middle East), where ADSCs are isolated and expanded.

In about 2 weeks it is possible to obtain 300 to 600 million cells starting from 30-50 ml of fat. These cells are in part utilized to obtain the molecules that are needed for ONLYOURS cosmetics production. Unused cells can be cryopreserved to warrant the possibility of utilizing expanded cells in future Regenerative Medicine treatments.

At Bioscience Institute’s facilities you can also cryopreserve your ADSCs.


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